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A fan page is the backbone of any business, brand or celebrity for making social media presence and interacting with the people associated with the brand, business or celebrity. It is a public profile created for businesses, brands, celebrities, causes and other type of organisations to interact and advertise online on social media. These fan page are different from personal profile in a way that these do not gain “friends” but “fans” which are no one else but the people who “like” this fan page. Fan page can gain unlimited number of “likes” or fans, differing from personal Facebook profiles which at maximum can have 5,000 friends. Fan Page Promotion Services are provided by many companies which help these fan pages to reach more and more people on Facebook so that they can like these pages to follow their desired brands or celebrities. These pages work just like profiles. One can update things like statuses, photos, links, events and videos. These information appears on the fans’ personal news feeds as well as the page itself.

Fan page is used to increase the reach of the brands, businesses and celebrity on the internet. It helps to convey any news, products, upcoming events, promotional codes and much more. It is very much helpful for big business, brands and celebrities as they always have something going on in their life. Something new is always coming which needs to be told to the people. Fan page does this work brilliantly by reaching the maximum number of people on Facebook. People interact with the posts posted by the fan page admins. People come to know about the new release of product and services of any brand or businesses, about upcoming events and movie release of celebrities, etc.

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In such a busy life it is not possible for brands, businesses and celebrities to themselves manage and operate these fan pages. Fan page are of great value as it deliver leads and in some cases generates income for business and brands. Celebrity use these fan pages to sell their concrete tickets, promote upcoming movies and endorse products. Fan page needs to be managed well so that they can deliver maximum to the audience and it is easy for them to follow and see what all is going on with their favourite fan page and to monitor the activities. Manouria Pvt. Ltd. is one such fan page promotion company which deals with all sort of fan page management. They create photos, banner, posts, status, videos and much more for promoting your business or brands. Celebrity use their services for the same purpose and are very much satisfied with the service. They are the leading fan page promotion company in India. They have a team of experts which continuously monitor the activities of the fan page and drives maximum traffic to the page. They are awarded by many organisations and are very well known for their work. Manouria has the maximum number of overseas clients. So if you looking for a company to create and manage your fan page then Manoria Pvt. Ltd. is the best choice.